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Benefits of Kangen Water vs Normal Water

kangen water benefits

The notion that drinking water is very good for your health is one of the most widely acknowledged health facts, despite the fact that many diet and nutrition concerns are contentious and passionately debated. Drinking water can improve performance and have a number of positive effects on your health, from basic water to lemon water and pineapple water.

In this post, we’ll talk about alkaline water safety, the potential health benefits of Kangen water, and whether or not you should drink alkaline water.

What Is Kangen Water?

One of the most well-known alkaline water brands is Kangen Water®. Kangen Water, like other varieties of alkaline water, is designed to be hydrogen-rich, electrolytically reduced water that is intended to “restore your body to a more alkaline state.”

In alkaline water, the term “alkaline” refers to the substance’s pH. On a range of around 0 to 14, a substance’s pH level indicates how acidic or alkaline it is. A pH of 1 indicates that something is extremely acidic, whereas a pH of 13 indicates that something is extremely alkaline.

The pH of alkaline water is governed by alkaline minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, or iron.

Regular water versus alkaline water-

The pH level of alkaline water is greater than that of ordinary drinking water. Because of this, some proponents of alkaline water assert that it can balance the acid in your body, although there is no evidence to support this.

Normal drinking water typically has a pH balance of 7. A pH of 8 or 9 is common for alkaline water. However, pH by alone is insufficient to significantly increase the alkalinity of water.

Alkaline minerals and a low oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) are other required components of alkaline water. Water’s ORP refers to its capacity to function as a pro- or antioxidant. The more anti-oxidizing something is, the more negative its ORP value is.

Benefits of Kangen Water-

  • Dehydration has long been linked to ageing and the appearance of wrinkles. Kangen water provides qualities that help treat various skin disorders and keep your skin moisturised.
  • Following filtering, keeps the minerals in the water. These minerals are essential to human health.
  • You can regain balance with the aid of kangen water. It is alkaline, which explains why. It has excellent taste, too. It is clean and fresh.
  • It promotes detoxification and the immunological system.
  • It helps to ease stress that your body’s organs experience as they struggle to get rid of the accumulation of acid by neutralising the acidity in the body.
  • cancer prevention
  • bowel-cleansing capabilities
  • Hydration
  • Boosts metabolism and encourages proper digestion
  • minimises bone loss
  • control blood pressure
  • Muscle function is supported by skin health.
  • Loss of weight

Does alkaline water have any negative effects?

Drinking alkaline water is seen as secure. There isn’t any proof yet that there are any unfavourable side effects.

Although alkaline water has a lower pH than conventional water, your body will still go through physiological changes to maintain homeostasis, which is a stable state, including continuing to create hydrochloric acid.

Natural or synthetic?

Water becomes naturally alkaline when it flows over rocks, such as those found in springs, and picks up minerals that raise the alkalinity of the water.

However, a lot of individuals who drink alkaline water purchase it after a chemical procedure known as electrolysis.

This method raises the pH of ordinary water using a device known as an ioniser. Ioniser manufacturers claim that electricity is used to divide water molecules that are more acidic or alkaline. After that, the acidic water is drained.

These claims, according to several medical professionals and academics, aren’t supported by reliable research. To make sure that there are no contaminants in the drinking water, it is essential to consider the original source’s water quality before ionisation.

Reverse osmosis is recommended by some scientists in order to sufficiently filter water before utilising an alkaline ioniser to increase pH and add minerals.

Drinking ionised alkaline water raises some additional security issues. The likelihood of developing hyperkalemia increases if you consume it frequently, especially if the water’s pH is higher than 9.8.

There are also worries that it can impede growth, deplete the body of vitamins and minerals, and obstruct the absorption of nutrients. Furthermore, it could damage your mucosal lining and cause excessive thirst.

From where we can get kangen water?

Many grocery and health food stores sell alkaline water. It is also accessible online. Additionally, a lot of big chain retailers sell water ionisers.

You can create your own at home as well. Another method to increase the alkalinity of water is to add baking soda or pH drops.

There is no evidence to imply a limit on the amount of alkaline water that can be drank daily if the water is adequately filtered to eliminate pollutants, ionised and re-mineralized, or bought from a quality source.

What advantages do Kangen water and other types of water have?

In comparison to other forms of water, such as filtered water, distilled water, and tap water, kangen water does offer some advantages.  Let’s examine how Kangen’s advantages stack up against those of other forms of water.

Purified Water Vs purified water-

Increased PH and neutralisation of the body’s acidity are the main goals of Kangen water. This raises immunity and aids in the recovery from several ailments. The body needs the minerals that are present in kangen water. However, removing impurities and other dissolved minerals is the main goal of filtered water.

Purified bottled water is typically packaged in plastic, which researchers say is not environmentally friendly because it stays in the environment for a long time and runs the risk of spreading pollutants. In contrast, you can create Kangen water using one of the ioniser devices we’ll cover in this guide shortly.

Kangen Water vs. Distilled Water

While distilled water is water that has been collected from the condensation of evaporated water, kangen water is ionised alkaline water. Distilled water loses minerals and other components during the distillation process, but Kangen water retains minerals and has a better PH level. As a result, minerals that are essential for a healthy, balanced body are not included.

Conversely, while distilled water is the purest on the market, that doesn’t necessarily make it the greatest water to drink. Kangen water has a PH of approximately 8 or 9. The PH of distilled water, in comparison, is 7 at the distillation point. However, this can increase to 6 if the distilled water is exposed to the air and forms an acidic connection with carbon dioxide molecules.

Kangen water Vs. Tap water

The pH level is one of the primary distinctions between tap water and Kangen water. While tap water can range in pH from 6.5 to 8.5 depending on the source and treatment method, kangen water typically has an alkaline pH level of around 7.5 to 9.5.


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